External Condom Tricks!

Posted by Luka Thalius on September 10, 2014 at 12:35 AM

External Condom Tricks!

In the post "Is It on the Right Way?", I talked about how to safely put on an external condom. In this mini-post, I'll go into detail about else you can do with an external condom!


Why do I call them "external" condoms? Why not just say "male"?

Because not everyone who uses them are having sex with a male. They aren't always putting them on a penis. These condoms have many uses, including for masturbation, and it's always nice to be inclusive towards everyone.


Dental Dams:

Dental dams are small, plastic sheets used to place over the vagina or anus during oral sex, mainly to prevent any exchange of STDs or STIs. Often, STIs and STDs are transferred through blood, semen, pre-cum, breast milk, and vaginal fluids. If your partner has an STD and you're having oral sex with their vagina or anus, I'd suggest using one of these! It prevents the transfer of sexually transmitted anythings. While it seems far-fetched, you can contract an STI/STD by getting vaginal fluids, pre-cum, or semen (and in some cases breast milk and blood, because there are kinks for that) if it gets into any cuts that might be in your mouth. That happens often, I know I bite the inside of my cheeks sometimes. They look like this:



Even though you can buy them like this, it's a lot cheaper to make them yourself, and it means you can get creative with it! You can use flavored or non-lubricated condoms.

Simply cut off the tip of the condom with scissors, cut off the rimmed portion of the condom, and cut right down the length of the condom. Here's a diagram to explain.



Once you're done cutting, stretch it out a bit and it's ready to use!


"Condom Babies"

One thing my friends and I used to do as young teenagers was to take a non-lubricated condom and do our very best to shove a stuffed animal inside of it. After we got the plushy inside, we'd blow up the condom and tie it like a balloon. Ta-da! Instant present (obviously, not for children).



Packers are nifty, homemade objects that are equivalent to male genitalia. They're used commonly amongst the trans* community. Packers are phallic-like objects that are worn under the clothing to give the appearance of having a penis. Without a packer, the appearance looks a little empty. There are soft (not meant for sex) packers, and hard (meant for sex) packers.

It's completely possible to make a packer out of a few condoms! Here's a link to show you how to do so (mad props to theotheropinion):


Want to see what else you can do with a condom? Follow this link to find out more! There are about 20 things here that you can do with them.


*Note: I do not own the rights to any of these images or sites, they were all found via Google search. I understand that I am to take down any of these links upon request.*


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